The Royal Mask

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Super-low-mass, low-molecular royal mask with the effect of lifting and energy activation for dry, normal and combined skin types. Forms an oval face and gives it a radiance, smooths wrinkles and lines, narrows the pores and aligns the relief, activates the recovery processes and functions of self-defense, inhibits the aging process of the skin. The basis is a patented complex "concept to five", which provides skin restoration at the cellular level. The complex of clays and minerals saturates the skin with irreplaceable trace elements and improves its external characteristics: Gassul, unique in its composition clay (high content of SiO2 and MgO) obtained from Moroccan lava, helps strengthen the face oval and increase the skin turgor. Bentonite absorbs surplus sebum. Phonolite, a component of ancient volcanic rocks with an age of 16 million years, stimulates cellular activity, saturates the skin with minerals and returns energy and radiance to it. Kyunin-yu improves microcirculation and prevents stagnation of blood, effectively affects tired and atonic skin, smooths skin color and increases its elasticity. Wild yam and soybean oil make up for the lack of estrogen in the skin and prevent its aging. The complex of sphingo- and phospholipids restores barrier functions and increases the moisture retention capacity. Stable forms of vitamins E and C provide antioxidant protection, the formation of new collagen, increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent the formation of unwanted pigment. Rosehip oil and avocado contribute to the rapid restoration of the surface layer of the skin, its elasticity, normalize intracellular processes, prevent peeling and the appearance of inflammation, improve skin color.

Duration: 80 minutes
Price: 4000 RUB

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