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License № ЛО-60-01-000254

 Beauty Salon Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****, located in the historical center of the city, not far from the Kremlin, welcomes guests with a genuine cosiness. Crossing the threshold of the beauty salon, you hear pleasant music, feel the tender aromas, get into the atmosphere of aesthetics and harmony.

Only we have a unique cozy atmosphere, coupled with the skill of the best specialists, to get true pleasure from the procedures. We give not only beauty, but also a sense of harmony, an ideal balance with ourselves. After all, a person is then beautiful when the world reigns in his heart. Masters of the well-known beauty salon Old Estate Hotel & SPA **** constantly improve their qualifications at prestigious seminars, master classes, conducted by professional stylists in Moscow and abroad. Having behind him many years of experience, any of the masters will pick up a unique image that will most advantageously emphasize your dignity.



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tel. ☎+7 (8112) 79-45-00
tel. ☎+7 911 697 96 85

Viber +7 911 697 96 85

fax: +7 (8112) 79-45-11


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