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Hair is a part of a person’s protective covering, a biological derivative of the skin’s epidermis.

Two thirds of the hair consists of a protein called keratin. In addition, the composition of the hair includes water, trace elements, pigments and lipids.


Hair has several important functions:




Provide human attractiveness

Hair consists of several parts. It begins under the skin - it is a root or an onion. Around her hair bag - follicle. From it comes the rod - the visible part of the hair, for which we are so actively caring with the help of various hairdressing tools.


The type of hair directly depends on the shape of the follicle: straight hair grows from a round follicle, slightly curly - from oval, and curly - from a kidney-shaped. This can not be changed.




Each hair has three layers. Upper - protective, formed from thin keratin cells that look like scales. This is a hair cuticle. When the scales are tight to each other - the hair gives the impression of healthy, smooth and shiny. If the scales are “disheveled”, then the hair will look dull, split, brittle. Externally, the hair covered with scales overlapping each other. Their loose edge is directed to the tip of the hair, which should be sealed off in a healthy hair.


The second layer is called Cortes. The name is not accidental, since it is a peel consisting of dead cells. But it is she who gives our hair strength and elasticity. This is where melanin is responsible for hair color.


The third layer, as expected, is the brain of soft keratin and cavities filled with air. It is through this channel that nutrients enter the hair and make it live. This fact explains the fact that if we are ill, the hair grows dull and gives the impression of lifelessness - they really have nothing to eat, a weakened body spends everything on itself.


When the hair grows, the cuticle cells degrade and gradually disappear. In addition, the cuticle, being on the surface, first takes on the blow of an aggressive external environment. In addition, we ourselves often contribute to the destruction of the protective layer, applying hot air or a perm for laying, we sunbathe in the sun with our heads uncovered, abuse aggressive chemical dyes, and incorrectly use care products.





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