A team of highly qualified specialists of the Old Estate Spa Center invites you to visit a whole range of procedures in which the latest achievements of the cosmetic industry are applied - manual techniques, injection methods, and hardware care.

Medical cosmetology - cosmetologist of the Medical Center Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****, doctor of the highest category in the specialty “Dermatology” with experience in the field of medical practice since 2002. He will consult and offer the necessary preparations and manipulations for correcting and preventing the appearance of problems with your face and body.
Image procedures: make-up - day, evening, wedding; design and coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes; bioepilation.
In their care programs, specialists use cosmetics of the “LUX” class.
The professional line is complemented by a wide range of home care products that our specialists will carefully select for you.
The SPA center offers thalassotherapy programs on the unique Thermo SPA warm water bed. Reception of procedures is especially pleasant, since when immersed in a bath, you feel weightless, the water temperature creates a special comfort, gently warming the body, all muscle groups relax, the spine is relieved, and the thermal effect allows valuable substances to better penetrate the skin, heals and nourishes the entire body, toning and moisturizing skin
Thalassotherapy - (from the Greek. "Thalassa" - the sea) - treatment by the sea. Thalassotherapy is a complex of modern spa procedures based on the use of sea water, algae, sea mud and silt, sea air for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Hydromassage - a real gift for the whole body. It tones the muscles, activates blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, eliminates swelling. After the procedure, you will feel an unusual surge of energy.
Charcot's douche is not only a remedy, but also an opportunity to return a body to slimness and beauty. Charcot's douche improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system; it is indicated for arthritis, rheumatism and muscle weakness; stress and metabolic disorders; after stress, with nervous diseases and with pains of a different nature.
SPA Center Old Estate offers you a variety of massages - from classic general, wellness to exclusive exotic massages.
Massage is not just fun. Massage has an incomparable healing effect on the entire body, starting with the skin and ending with the circulatory and digestive systems. The massage is very good soothing and relaxing. It will help you cope with stress, bad mood, psychological discomfort and depression. Massage will help to overcome insomnia. Thanks to improved blood circulation and harmonization of metabolic processes, massage helps to get rid of cellulite and excess weight.
For the final completion of your image, you can visit the hairdresser. Our masters will make you a styling, a new haircut, evening hairstyle, will select for you the necessary shade for coloring, will offer programs for the restoration and care for hair and scalp. Here you can buy home care products from such well-known brands as L’oreal Professional, Lebel Cosmetics, Greymy Professional, OLAPLEX.
It is unlikely that you will refuse to visit the master of manicure and pedicure. Here you will be offered a comprehensive care for nails and skin of hands and feet - hardware manicure and pedicure, classic and SPA manicure and pedicure, paraffin therapy for hands and feet, massage of hands and feet, long-term Gelish / OPI coating, painting with OPI lacquer, SPA procedures .
Light tan is always in fashion. The best way to maintain a tan throughout the year is to visit a tanning salon. In our LUX class solarium, the mild exposure to professional rays will help you get a beautiful, healthy bronze tint. SPA center specialists will select the necessary tanning product for you so that your tan will be more saturated and your skin will receive additional care and hydration.
The Pearl of the Old Estate Spa Center is the AQUA Center. Here you can relax, relieve fatigue and overstrain, cheer up and cheer yourself up. Be sure to take a look at the steam room - the main part of the Turkish steam room - steam. He enters the room from small holes, gradually filling it. The steam in the hammam - saturates the body with moisture, gently opening the pores, gives a “breathing out” tired lungs, literally “washes” the entire body. You will get additional pleasure from the fragrant steam that envelops you with a warm cloud. The action of essential oils and steam will help get rid of toxins, relieve fatigue, relieve bad health and improve immunity.
A Finnish sauna is a great way to maintain your shape. Dry steam relieves muscle tension, relaxes and warms up the body.

And if you want to make an original gift, purchase a gift certificate in our SPA!
The gift certificate of the SPA-center Old Estate is an exclusive, unforgettable and unusual gift.

 Welcome to Old Estate Hotel & SPA 4*!

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