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Proper care and a good professional manicure - allows you not only to fix your nails, but also to moisturize your skin, solve the problem of burrs, or eliminate more serious problems, such as, for example, ingrown nails. Sleek beautiful hands will be your second calling card.

    Perfect manicure is not a gift from nature, it is a work on your own hands. For a long time, manicure came down to meticulous care, its name comes from two Latin words manus - hand, cure - care. In this case, the secrets of shiny in every sense of the nails were kept secret and passed down from generation to generation.


    A manicure includes not only staining of nails, as some people think, but, first of all, complete care for hands and nails. “You can be a practical person and think about the beauty of the nails,” wrote AS Pushkin about the dandy of the XIX century.




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