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But the cold weather will come soon - Completed 20.11.2020

Don't worry: you can always warm up, improve your health and have an excellent rest in the cozy AQUA-center of the Old Estate hotel.

Available daily for you:
Finnish sauna
Turkish steam room
swimming pool with waterfall and counterflow
cozy relaxation area

[towels provided for all guests]

Take your friends and come to Old Estate! Warm up and swim for fun!

  Pre-registration at the AQUAcenter by ☎ +7 (8112) 79-45-00

Facial care program "Pioneer XMF" Phytomer with a 20% discount

Refined and delicate skin care. Innovative preparations with new biotechnological "high-tech" components: EXOPOLYSACCHARIDES and XMF - 100% natural products...

Price: 3120 RUB , Add to Cart

SPA program "Lose weight is easy"

The Charcot shower is a type of massage that uses a jet of water. Nowadays the Charcot shower procedure, which in the past was a very popular remedy, is more...

Price: 1700 RUB , Add to Cart

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