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OXYGENIC CARE - Cosmetic care is designed to care for dull skin, lacking oxygen (working in a stuffy office space, frequent flights, professional activities, etc.).

Care can be used as a recovery after aggressive cosmetic procedures (peelings, hardware techniques, etc.).

Care action:


Oxygen saturation;

· Skin energization;

Strengthening of skin turgor;

Antioxidant effect;

· Skin regeneration.

The peculiarity of the procedure in the micro-massage of the face due to the oxygen-saturable mask - which, due to its composition, when applied to the skin turns into a foam - the bubbles burst, thereby saturating the cells with oxygen. After it, the skin is noticeably tightened, brightens, becomes brilliantly clean and full of energy. At the end of the procedure, a plasticizing mask is applied - thanks to the chlorophyll content in the algae that form part of the mask, a strong oxygen-saturating and softening effect is achieved. Oxygen mask makes your skin brilliant and full of energy - breath for your skin!

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 2500 RUB


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Evaluation: 5, Votes: 7,

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