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Microcurrent therapy course

Evaluation: 4.33, Votes: 6

 A course of 5 procedures (with a 15% discount) - 9775 rubles

A course of 10 procedures (with a 20% discount) - 18400 rubles

Microcurrent facial therapy is a safe, pleasant and very effective hardware method of exposure to the skin. It consists in exposing the skin and muscles to low frequency currents,

Using microcurrents: - make the skin smooth, supple, clean, give it an even tone and a pleasant healthy shade;
 - form a clear oval of the face;
- remove dark circles and swelling around the eyes;
- delicately “lift” the overhanging upper eyelid;
- make scars almost invisible;
- effectively fight against vascular asterisks;
 - relieve pain, restore the skin after traumatic procedures - plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, chemical peeling and the like;

* the discount is valid for a one-time payment of the course and cannot be combined with other discounts
 · - relieve acne, excess grease;

· - relieve spasm of tense muscles and at the same time tone weakened muscles.

Duration: 40-60 minutes
What is included in the service?
  • visit to AQUACENTA 30min.
  • Microcurrents (hardware facial massage)
  • Tea ceremony (compliment from the SPA-center)
Price: 1840 RUB
Old price: 2300 RUB

Benefit: 460 RUB

Not available

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Evaluation: 4.33, Votes: 6,

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