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PHYTOMER is the 1st brand in the world that applied sea extracts - "marine plants" in modern cosmetology and SPA. Patented formulas are rare and unique in their kind active complexes from plants and algae: Water from the sea source and innovative developments using the "Blue Biotechnology".
PHYTOMER combines unique facial and body treatments, professional and home product lines to create beauty rituals, and have found recognition throughout the world.
Professional SPA rituals PHYTOMER is not just the maintenance of external beauty. This work on a deeper level: relaxation, stress removal, saturation with vital energy. Pleasant warmth, sea spray with the scent of lavender, relaxing massage and calm music create a perfect atmosphere. ...
We are waiting for you! in the Old Estate Spa! The cost of the programs is from 900 rubles. Additional information and entry by phone: 79-45-00
Duration: 30 minutes


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