1. Murzina Alexandra Sergeevna

Specialized nurse for cosmetology and medical massage at the Medical Center Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****
Specialization: classic body and face massage; facial skin care (including for problem skin) - mechanical cleaning, chemical peelings, skin care procedures, selection of professional cosmetics by skin type, etc .; epilation; makeup.
Education and Career
· Training on the author's technique "Muscular-fascial reprogramming" Touch of the angel "1st stage" 03.04.2011. (Spb.)
· Specialization «Medical massage» certificate from 04.2017г. (Pskov Medical School)
· Specialization «Nursing in Cosmetology» Spb., Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education «St. Petersburg Center for Postgraduate Education of Employees with Secondary Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of FMBA of Russia» dated 07.2017.
· Training course on "Application of MEDIDERMA / SESDERMA professional cosmeceuticals in the salon procedures for preparing and conducting chemical peelings and in post-peeling care of August 28, 2013. (ProfMelis LLC, St. Petersburg).
· Training in the program "Mesotherapy in aesthetic and reconstructive medicine" December 2013. (ProfMelis LLC, St. Petersburg)
· Training seminar on the course "Methods of aesthetic correction with drugs Fusion, Beautypharma, + Active. Fractional mesotherapy "March 2014. (ProfMelis LLC, city of Pskov)
Medical experience more than 10 years.
2. Pchelina Tatiana Yuryevna
Specialized nurse for medical massage, physiotherapy and treatment of the Medical Center Old Estate Hotel & SPA ****.
Specialization: classical body massage; thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy.
Education and Career
· Specialization "Physiotherapy" certificate from 26.03.2010. (Pskov Medical School) was extended in 2015. to 2020g.
· Specialization «Medical massage» the certificate is confirmed and extended from 15.10.2010 to 15.10.2015. (Pskov Medical School) was extended in November 2015. to November 20, 2020.
· The highest qualification category in the specialty "medical business" was extended from 05.12.2011 to 12.2016. (Pskov, State Committee of the Pskov region on health and pharmacy)
· Advanced training in the specialty "paramedic" from 03.11.2011 to 03.11.2016. (Pskov Medical School)
· Training under the program "Stone-therapy", JSC "Aesthetista", city of Pskov, November 2014.
· Training under the program "Body chiromassage (basic course)", St. Petersburg, November 2016.
Medical experience more than 36 years.

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