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Mesotherapy (eyes)

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Mesotherapy around the eyes is one of the methods to stop aging skin for centuries. It is very popular among women around the age of 30 years, when the first wrinkles appear, localized on the skin around the eyes. In some cases it makes sense to stop using the creams to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate dark circles and to proceed to radical measures – to salon procedures. The reason for recording mesotherapy around the eyes can become: the appearance of "crow's feet" at the outer corners of the eyes; darkening of the skin on the lower eyelid; education swelling under the eyes, "bags", which are impossible to get rid of creams; bluish discoloration of the skin under the eyes due to constant lack of sleep; drooping of the upper eyelid; the emergence of age-related wrinkles in the eye area.

Duration: 30-60 minutes
Price: 2900 RUB
Old price: 2900 RUB


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*Note! The photo is for informational purposes only and may differ from the procedure actually provided by our specialists.

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