Mesotherapy is simple

Mesotherapy is simple image
Mesotherapy is simple image
Mesotherapy is simple image

The essence of mesotherapy is that a therapeutic cocktail, the composition of which depends on the problem, is injected into the necessary zone by the microscopic doses at the level of the middle part of the dermis (mesoderm), i.e. to a depth of 3-4 mm, and affects the problem area directly. Whereas with usual injections or taking pills, the medicine acts on the entire body, and only the small part of it reaches the right place, which affects the effectiveness of the treatment poorly. Mesotherapy is performed by thin special short atraumatic needles. In addition, by themselves injections stimulate immunity, because in response to them the body shows its protective reactions. In this case, this role is played by a needle. The technique itself seems simple, but in fact, mesotherapy has many subtleties: what medicine to enter, where, in how many, how deep, how many times, etc.

Duration: 30-60 min.

Стоимость: 2800 RUB


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