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SATOR-thermoactive - body wrapping

SATOR thermoactive. 

 This spa program has a pleasant warming effect, which causes local skin hyperemia due to the active expansion of peripheral vessels, enhances the metabolism in tissues, improves local blood circulation, and also stimulates lipolysis. It enhances drainage function, has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antioxidant effects.  Active thermal wrapping activates the breakdown of adipose tissue and helps to reduce body volume and get rid of cellulite.  Stimulates cell metabolism, promotes skin rejuvenation.

Action: moisturizing, antioxidant effect, rejuvenation, prevents sagging tissues, improves blood microcirculation.

 The program includes body peeling, sequential application of active drugs with lymphatic drainage massage technique, and then applying a combination of drugs.

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: 4800 RUB
Old price: 4800 RUB


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*Note! The photo is for informational purposes only and may differ from the procedure actually provided by our specialists.

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