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SATOR-lipolysis wrapping

Evaluation: 4.73, Votes: 11

SATOR is more than a cosmetic system, it is a combination of marine and plant components in the most concentrated form; this is an opportunity for regeneration, to strengthen the body and mind, making them beautiful. SATOR can be used at the beginning or end of the procedure as a segment or entirely: this is not important, because it always gives a unique, unique sense of effectiveness. During the procedure in the salon, the sensations are made up of two parts: getting pleasure and a functional component; Brooks of the gel magically transformed into an ocean of beauty. Perfumed water with inexpressible aromas disables the mind, sending it to an emotional journey, full of incomparable moments of intimate property. An incredibly pure algae powder changes the matter. Soft creams make you feel cheerful and darling of life ...

Duration: 75 minutes
Price: 4600 RUB
Old price: 4600 RUB


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*Note! The photo is for informational purposes only and may differ from the procedure actually provided by our specialists.

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Evaluation: 4.73, Votes: 11,

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