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Bath with aromatic oils

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 The most pronounced effect is achieved when combined with the hydro massage of light therapy. Lighting procedures in the whirlpool bath are immersed in a special atmosphere, you can completely escape from the outside world with its worries and problems, and if desired, you can also add musical accompaniment. Simultaneous impact on the body at all levels allows to achieve an unsurpassed effect.

Duration: 20 minutes
What is included in the service?
  • visit to AQUACENTA 30min.
  • Hydrotherapy session
  • Tea ceremony (compliment from the SPA-center)
Price: 1200 RUB
Old price: 1200 RUB


*The SPA center has a cumulative discount system for discount cards Hotel Old Estate Hotel & SPA****

*Note! The photo is for informational purposes only and may differ from the procedure actually provided by our specialists.

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Evaluation: 5, Votes: 3,

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